CBM Christian Book Reviews - The 11:45 Call, a must read book by Joel F. Blakely and Brenda Klutz Blakely

Title: The 11:45 Call
By: Joel F. Blakely and Brenda Klutz Blakely
Review Date: August 17, 2012
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

The 11:45 Call by authors Joel and Brenda Blakely is an urgent message to the Body of Christ, exhorting them to stand firm, to be prepared, "to awaken from sleep" (Rom. 13:11) as the authors note and to stand firm in the fight for the faith and the hope of our salvation, Jesus Christ.

The Book of Jude is God's call and instruction to living a godly life in a woefully sinful world. This fascinating Bible study prepares one to beware, be ready and to walk in faith and truth while exalting, "…high the cross of Christ." We are to be ready and prepared by the Word of God, walking and standing upon the truth-for God's Word is truth and inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16).

In this way, we will be prepared to stand firm in our faith on the day of testing throughout these perilous times. The Book of Jude issues a warning and heed for all those who believe in the Truth to walk in the light and issues a call to those that are living ungodly lives to come back to the Truth, Jesus Christ, before judgment comes.

The authors have prayerfully put together an expository Bible study of the Book of Jude, therefore interpreting each verse by Scripture and not by man's thoughts, as all Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16). This urgent message is of monumental importance to todays believers living in perilous times with evil ever increasing in the world. The focus of this Bible study is to encourage the readers to know and live with the instruction of God's Word, letting them be renewed in their minds to depend on the Word of God as truth. In so doing, the focus of your faith will be strengthened so that you will be prepared and ready to guard against false teachings and doctrines that are now plaguing the church from within. The Word says even the "elect" will be challenged to be deceived. Our command from Jesus is to study and be approved, so that we may stand in the day of testing.

The authors have skillfully and prayerfully gone through each verse of the Book of Jude to reveal the truths, principles and instructions according to the Word of God that give the reader a deeper knowledge of each verse discussed. Study questions are included at the end. This Bible study is highly recommended for personal use and edification or within a small group setting. The reader will be enriched by the use of Scripture throughout the book as this study will aid the reader in maturity and preparing for what is ahead in these last days.

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10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing